Saturday, 20 April 2013

Manufacturers and Exporters of Tablet Coater, Sugar Coating Pan

Prism Pharma Machinery is recognized on the global market as a leading manufacturer of automatic tablet film and sugar coating technique with high efficient machines coming to the market every year. The company is known for its unique technology, solutions for the best return on investment, and its excellent customer support. Prism designs and fabricates a broad product line of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and confectionary equipment for coating, mixing, blending, granulating and drying. Our product range provides proven solutions through all capacity requirements - from small scale portable laboratory and R&D models through to high-volume continuous systems. Our goal is to be a manufacturer that offers the greatest value, by helping our clients to address all of their equipment needs in today's rapidly changing market.
Founded by Mr. Dilip Patidar & Mr. Bharat Patel in January 2003; Prism Pharma Machinery is still growing after more than three decades of successful business. Through its thriving business history, this company has supplied innovative solid dosage equipment to over 1500 installations in 50 countries. Prism operates from the headquarters and manufacturing plant based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company has a broad network of representatives and technical support teams throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
In a 2,450 square foot manufacturing facility, Prism Pharma Machinery is equipped with modern machinery operated by an experienced team of metal fabricators, welders, assembly specialists, electricians and instrumentation technicians. The manufacturing team works closely with the engineering and testing departments to refine and enhance the performance of its processes and equipment. Our facility is available for in-house equipment trials of solid dosage forms, with assistance of qualified coating specialists.

Our philosophy is to become a trusted partner in the business of our clients around the world, by providing cost-effective high-quality solutions, proactive customer support and value-added consulting services related to improving the performance of solid dosage processing equipment. Our company's fast response to industry trends, through innovation and close contacts with our customers, is what distinguishes Prism from its competitors. Solid company leadership and hands-on involvement at every level of the process is a testament to our dedication to success.
Our strong commitment to quality is assured by our compliance with International ISO Quality Standards, GMP, cGMP and CE. All equipment is subject to rigorous in-house testing to ensure that regulatory and customer specific requirements are in full compliance with all national and international standards.
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